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White Wines

Prosecco, La Marca, Italy    $7
Light and refreshing, dry bubbly in a 6oz bottle

White Zinfandel, Copperidge, California $5  $18

Moscato, Don Rodolfo, Argentina $7  $26

Pinot Grigio, Douglas Hill, California $5  $18
Light and airy, with easy fruit flavors, perfect  for a warm, sunny day

Pinot Grigio, Maso Canali, Italy $30
Richness uncommonly found in most Pinot Grigios

Riesling, Hacienda, California  $5  $18

Riesling, Clean Slate, Germany $28
Ripe peach flavors balance ripe acidity, off-dry style

Sauvignon Blanc, Chateau Souverain, California  $6.5  $24
Vibrant aromas of grapefruit and lime zest

Sauvignon Blanc, Starborough, New Zealand$24
A true expression of New Zealand, easy to drink  with full flavors of grapefruit and tropical fruits

Chardonnay, Douglas Hill, California  $5  $18

Chardonnay, Four Vines “Naked”  $8  $30
Brisk, refreshing and bold in its rejection of oak

Chardonnay, Hahn, Santa Lucia Highlands $35
Estate bottled Chardonnay from a region with high altitudes and cooler temperatures produce flavorful grapes

Chardonnay, William Hill, Napa Valley $40
Luxurious with flavors of tropical and stone fruit with notes of toasted oak, caramel and spice


Rose’, Ruby Red, France $6  $22
Grapefruit infused rose will surprise you with its drinkability

Rose’, Klinker Brick, Lodi California   $27
Elegant with rich flavors of strawberry and watermelon with a long finish and intensity for a Rose’